An overview of where we’re heading next with the Web Literacy Standard

Last week we released a Request For Comments (RFC) version of the Web Literacy Standard. In this post I want to give a quick overview of what’s next in the lead-up to the Mozilla Festival in October.

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In no particular order:

Move the standard to #

At the moment, the Web Literacy Standard resides on the Mozilla Wiki. That’s great, but it’s not an optimal solution for a v1.0 launch. We’re aiming to move the standard to - perhaps as /standard or /literacy.

Clickable competency map #

For the RFC release we’ve got an image of the competency grid on the landing page. Clicking on it takes you to a general wiki page giving an overview of the Strands, Competencies and Skills. Again, we can do better.

For v1.0 we want an landing page including where clicking on (for example) Credibility takes you directly to the relevant page listing the skills underpinning that particular competency.


Launch of contest #

This is in the very early stages of planning, but given the success of Mozilla’s Game On competition and (ongoing) MDN Dev Derby some similar could work for the Web Literacy Standard.

The idea would be a series of monthly contests in which anyone can submit badged learning activities aligning with a particular part of the standard (or cross-cutting theme). Representatives from Mozilla and partners (e.g. Telefonica) would then judge entries.

The winners of each contest would get prizes (to be determined) and then, potentially, present their work on-stage at MozFest 2014 in a ‘Grand Final’. We’ll see if that works/pans out. :-)

(many thanks to Erin Knight for suggesting this and to Chloe Varelidi for talking it through with me)


Downloadable resources #

As an educator* I see huge value in making resources for people to be able to download and take away with them. This is for several reasons:

Integration with MozFest #

I’m talking to Michelle Thorne about labelling the activities/sessions at MozFest with the skills/competencies from the Web Literacy Standard. If that works out, it would be amazeballs.


Label existing Webmaker/#teachtheweb resources #

We’ve already got some fantastic resources on and as a result of the successful #teachtheweb MOOC. It would be great to see which of those could be aligned with the standard.

Outreach to partners/aligners #

I have to admit, this isn’t my strong point but we need to start talking to organisations that may want to align with the standard sooner rather than later.

*I used to be a teacher (History) and Senior Leader in schools then worked in Higher Education for a bit. Once a Mozillian, always a Mozillian and once an educator, always an educator, I reckon! ;-)

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Update (29 May 2013): I’m delighted to announce we’ve been given the go-ahead from the Mozilla Hatchery to pursue this idea further! I met Vinay Gupta in person for the first time recently. He’s a smart guy that counts the the US and UK... Continue →