Truth, Lies, and Digital Fluency (ITHAKA: Next Wave, December 2019)

Update: the video recording of this presentation is now available

Truth, Lies, and Digital Fluency (ITHAKA, Dec 2019)


Tomorrow I’m presenting in New York at the ITHAKA: Next Wave event. I was given the title of the session, along with the description by Bryan Alexander, who is emceeing:

The internet and social media apps are integral to society, research, and learning today, but increasingly we are questioning the trustworthiness of digital information. How bad is it today, and how much worse can it get? What can and should educators, researchers, information professionals and the companies whose sites enable information sharing do?

The format is a bit different in that I’m presenting for 20 minutes and then in conversation with Bryan. I’ve got a lot to say, particularly given that the person speaking after me is from Facebook.

I want to cover the existential threat that surveillance capitalist organisations present society, and how that should feed into our thinking around digital literacies. I’m also pretty dismissive of ‘digital fluency’ as I see it as an unhelpful umbrella term into which people like to fold their hopes, fears, and dreams.


Given that I’ve got 70+ slides (plus spare ones!) I may well run over, but I think that will be OK. I reckon I can get through it in 30 mins, if they understand my accent.

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