Making the Mozilla Web Literacy community call even more awesome

In 2013, Mozilla and the community did a great job of mapping the skills and competencies required to read, write and participate on the web.

So Awesome!

Update: 30th January 2014 (to clarify name and scope of calls)

It’s time to take the work of that community more mainstream. To that end, we’re proposing to merge the Web Literacy meetings with the Webmaker Mentor calls to create a new #TeachTheWeb community call.

In 2014, the Web Literacy Map (as we’re now calling it) will underpin the work Mozilla does around Webmaker. We want to make the world more web literate and move people from consumption to creation.

We’ll work on the terminology around the call (and the location of the etherpad, etc.) but here’s some dates - all 7am PT / 10am ET / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET. You can find everything you need at the link below:

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