Fake News and Digital Literacies: some resources

Update: My very short slidedeck for this event can be found here. Thanks to Wayne Skipper for bringing to my attention this important article from earlier in the year: The Rise of the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine.

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In a couple of weeks’ time, on Thursday, 1st June 2017, I’ll be a keynote speaker at an online Library 2.0 event, convened by Steve Hargadon. The title is Digital Literacy and Fake News and you can register for it here. An audience of around 5,000 people from all around the world is expected to hear us discuss the following:

What does “digital literacy” mean in an era shaped by the Internet, social media, and staggering quantities of information? How is it that the fulfillment of human hopes for a open knowledge society seem to have resulted in both increased skepticism of, and casualness with, information? What tools and understanding can library professionals bring to a world that seems to be dominated by fake news?

In preparation for the session, Steve has asked us all to provide a ‘Top 10’ of our own resources on the topic, as well as those from others that we’d recommend. In the spirit of working openly, I’m sharing in advance what I’ve just emailed to him.

I’ll be arguing that ‘Fake News’ is a distraction from more fundamental problems, including algorithmic curation of news feeds, micro-targeting of user groups, and the way advertising fuels the web economy.

1. My resources #

2. Other resources #

I hope you can join us live, or at least watch the recording afterwards! Don’t forget to sign up.

Comments? Questions? I’m off Twitter for May, but you can email me: hello@dynamicskillset.com

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